Why CRM?

Do you find yourself constantly struggling with keeping your data organized? Missed meetings? Erroneous data? Do you have trouble keeping up with leads and maintain customer records? These are the common problems a small business owner faces.

CRM, no matter how small your business is, is a great tool that will efficiently change how your business works day to day. As you aim to grow bigger, CRM easily adjusts and adapts as well. CRM software for small companies can do the work for you to help maintain and improve your business.

Let us first simplify, what is CRM software?

Small business owners use customer relationship management or CRM software for a lot of function in their daily business operation. These include:

• Managing customer interactions at different stages of the relationship
• Managing customer data
• Managing customer support
• Tracking clients, employees, and other contacts
• Tracking sales leads or client wins
• Automating sales
• Project management
• Tracking marketing campaigns
• Managing vendors or partners
Above are only amongst to name a few functions of CRM.

Why Use CRM Software?

This is the question and hesitation we often get from clients. We often hear them say, ‘our business is too small’ ‘we can handle our small list of clients,’ that may be true if you only have a handful of customers, but are you not eyeing to grow your business? Are you not seeing your business grow and increase them from 10 to 100s?

Handling maybe ten customers may be a breeze for you, but, admit it or not, it takes time on your end to manually input, update, collaborate changes with the whole team, designate status to the team, and all sort. No matter how you see it, it eats up your time, and as a small business owner, you are to focus on what you do best, sell and market your products to potential customers, but how can you when almost half of your day is spent in Admin task?

CRM software for small businesses provides analytics and insights into your customers. You can rely on these insights to keep existing customers happy and satisfied while you get to drive new business leads and increase business revenue. These insights are not readily available when you are using your manual tracking.

Each CRM has its powerful functions; it will depend on what your business needs are. It is essential to have an expert help you identify what is the best CRM for your business needs. You may know what you want for your business, but CRM experts could help you identify and foresee business needs that you are not able to.

Here at GenoTecq, we have the most experienced CRM experts that can assist you with your CRM needs. Whether you want a CRM, choose a new CRM, Implement a CRM or simple CRM support – we can help you.

You can just send us an email or contact us anytime to discuss your business needs.

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